Pre, During and Post training nutrition guide (Including gender differences)

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Nutritional guide with exact meals and snacks with portion sizes and brands for pre, during and post training nutrition. Options for males, pre menopause and post menopause as well as if you are training for performance or fasted to create mitochondrial changes.

Who needs this?

-Those who train 5+ hours per week
-Those who want a simply was to figure out what to eat before, during or after training
-Those who adhere to a low carbohydrate diet
-All females who are active
-Those who get any gut issues, cramps, hydration issues, low energy availability
-All triathletes and endurance athletes
-Those who want to train and recover better

Product Details

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Table layout specifically suggesting what you should consume pre, during and post workout according to your gender, age and training needs e.g. performance and strength or training low for mitochondrial changes

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