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individual nutrition consults

Individual consults

80% of the work i do with clients is online through email and Zoom/video chat.

Initial consults include a detailed personalised nutritional evaluation and education around what nutritional changes need to be made to meet your goals and why, plus a 7 day personalised meal plan with multiple mid and main meal options on each day tailored to your food preferences, nutritional goals, training schedule, gender etc. Meal plans include macronutrient breakdowns of each meal and daily totals to achieve your goals.

2022 Prices

  • Initial consult with nutritional evaluation and personalised 7 day meal plan


race day and race week meal plans

Personalised race day or race week meal plans

Many athletes train and eat amazingly in their prep leading into races then forget or don't place much importance on their race week or race day nutrition. However the week leading in or nutrition on course can make or break your race.

-Preventing gut issues
-Preventing cramps
-Ensuring we are adequately hydrated pre race and on race day
-Ensuring we adequately carbohydrate load
-Ensure that we are choosing the right nutrition choices on course that match our physiology for optimal performance

2022 Prices

  • Personalised Race day + Race Week Meal Plan = $279

  • Personalised Race Day Meal Plan= $179

  • Personalised Race Week Meal Plan= $179

Seminars Talks. In person or online

Being a teacher and a dietitian it only seems right to combine the two to do seminars and talks to various school groups, sports groups and sports academies. I currently have ongoing Zoom seminars with Solesisters , Southern Sports Academy, Shore School, Basketball NSW , Movement Five .

Seminar costs vary in cost. Contact me for more information.